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released January 12, 2017

Vocals/Lyrics: Nicole
Guitar: Julia
Bass: Suzy
Drums: Jeannette



all rights reserved


SPANDEX New Jersey

Noisy punk from NJ/Philadelphia.

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Track Name: Garden
My womb is not a garden for you to plant your seed
This body's not a buffet to satisfy your greed
You think you set the standards; why should I live in shame?
Our bones and flesh and muscles operate just the same

Fuck your bullshit

We have our own desires with our own lives to lead
This body is my garden and you are just a weed
Let's erase the subjugation forced on us since birth
This is my declaration of power and self-worth

Fuck your bullshit

Hands off
Fuck you
Back up and let us through
Track Name: Insect
Pinned down like an insect with your wings spread wide
Scared to live in danger, forced to pick a side
So you dig a deep hole, bury it underground
I'll keep your secret
You're safe when I'm around

So you bury it down inside
Don't you bury it, please don't hide

When you're feeling lonely in this frightening fight
I'll walk by your side on the darkest nights
I think you're beautiful no matter how you dress
Don't let them take away your right to express

What you've buried down deep inside
Don't you bury it, show your pride
Track Name: Switchblade
I have chosen to adorn my skin with images that I love
And just because you look, it doesn't mean you fucking touch
If your body is your temple then it means you must defend
From marauders, thieves, and liars
And jealous angry men

To the child crying in the carriage
To the waitress at the bar
To everyone in this room
This is for you.

Hey pervert on the street, where did you learn to greet a stranger?
When you climbed out of the slime of your mother's womb, did you take a breath?
Or did you swoon?

"Why don't you smile?"
"Yeah, I'd fuck you."

Well I'd fuck you too, with a switchblade in the heart.
Track Name: Aggressive Lounge
I used to miss you
Used to look at pictures when I was down
But it didn't take me long to see
That life is better without you around

But it didn't go both ways, see
You couldn't be there when I was weak
I thought your friendship meant something
But now I'm happy to be free

Getting your kicks from knocking others down is only fun 'til you're the only one.

Blaming everyone around you for your own faults will only work for long.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the falsest friend of all?